Accessible & Secure Video Collaboration

Never worry about lagging or call quality – Even with high-def video with up to 100 people. 

»   Web-based access on all devices
»   Super secure & no tracking
»   No downloads, no installations
»   API to integrate into your business

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Upgrade your business communication

Every license comes with all features included.

  • Unlimited meeting time
  • Unlimited video meeting rooms
  • Permanent meeting room links
  • Guest links for one-time access
  • No pre-installation needed
  • Screen sharing
  • PDF presentation
  • Mobile app access
  • Up to 100 participants per call
  • Lock rooms for closed groups
  • Change participants’ view layout
  • Mute-All feature
  • Cloud storage
  • Record & download meetings
  • Take snapshots
  • Full history of past meetings
  • Live stream to Facebook & YouTube
  • Private or public live streaming
  • RTMP stream to Vimeo, Twitter, Restream, ...
  • Start video meetings in Slack
  • Store recordings in Dropbox
  • Start meetings from Trello board
  • Start video calls in Zendesk
  • Ticket support